As the current Marion County Prosecutor, I bring vast experience to the office and a balanced approach to criminal justice. I have championed reform, innovation and set new expectations for the criminal justice system in Marion County, Indiana.

After completing law school, I began his public service career at the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office. During my 15 years as a prosecutor, I have tried over 100 jury and bench trials and prosecuted various crimes such as domestic violence and murder.

I have drawn together support from many community partners across Indianapolis with the vision of changing behavior, not criminalizing it. In 2019,  I announced that I was working to decriminalize marijuana by stopping the prosecution of low-level marijuana possession charges. By reducing resources to these prosecutions, more resources have been poured into my number one priority–addressing violent crime.

I believe in second chances and run a robust driver’s license reinstatement and expungement program to help people find better employment and housing. I also created a partnership with the Boys & Girls Club of Indiana to provide second chances to juveniles after their first, low level offense.

I am striving to create a criminal justice system worthy of the community’s trust.

Source: The Ryan Mears Campaign

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