Pat Harrington

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Full Name : Pat Harrington
Gender : Male
Family : He and his wife have 2 children, and 2 grandsons
Home City : Lafayette
Education :

  • Purdue University in 1980, BA in Political Science

  • Valparaiso University School of Law in 1983

Professional Experience :

  • Worked with State Legislators to enact new Laws, including increased sentences for drug traffickers, gang members, and impaired drivers.

  • Worked on legislation to protect women and children who have been sexually abused, for child victims of sex and human trafficking and in 2020 worked closely on the digital crime bill authorizing the creation of multiple laboratories to improve the evidence gathering capabilities for digital evidence.

  • Assisted with improving animal legislation which provides further protection for both individuals and their pets.

  • Has frequently testified before the Indiana Senate and House of Representatives.

Political Experience :

  • Pat Harrington has served as the Tippecanoe County Prosecutor since 2007. He was the first Tippecanoe County prosecutor to be appointed as a United States Special Assistant Attorney and was assigned to a federal task force combating local Gang and Drug activity in Tippecanoe County.


Org Membership : Board member of the Indiana Association of Prosecuting Attorneys, and a Past President