The following is an excerpt of a Howey Politics Indiana interview with Indiana State Republican Chairman Kyle Hupfer. The excerpt focuses on Hupfer’s remarks concerning the upcoming redistricting process in Indiana, which the Indiana General Assembly is expected to conclude in the fall. The interview was first published by, and is reprinted with permission of, Howey Politics Indiana:

HPI: When do you think redistricting will be finished?
Hupfer: I’m hopeful it is in the Thanksgiving time frame or earlier. Some of these dates are still moving targets. As soon as we have the data available, the legislature will take it up and start working on the maps, with input from the public and others. I’m hopeful that Thanksgiving is a timeline we know. That would allow folks to understand the new district, still have some time to make a decision on whether or not they want to run once they know what the districts will look like.
HPI: This will really compact the timeline for potential candidates.
Hupfer: Sure. You could have less than 30 to 60 days to make that decision on whether you’re going to run.
HPI: What are your priorities for new maps? Do you want to see them help preserve the Republican super majorities?
Hupfer: If you look at the statewide map and where votes are going from, it’s difficult to draw any maps that don’t have the Republican Party with the super majority or a number really close to it. I think the legislature has done
a good job historically, and I think they’ll do a good job again of keeping communities of interest together, drawing as compact districts as they can. I fully expect them to take that same approach, to use as many county lines as they can that are already existing borders for continuity, and we’ll see a good, fair shape of maps coming out of the legislature.
HPI: Do you expect the 1st CD to come into play?
Hupfer: We’ll have to see what the maps look like. Certainly it wasn’t last time.
HPI: Will there be significant changes in the 5th CD?
Hupfer: We’re going to see the 7th CD move up some with the population changes going. My guess is you’ll see the 5th change in some way. My guess is you’ll see every congressional district change in some way as population has grown and shifted in places.

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