The votes won’t be counted until Nov. 8, but Indiana’s midterm election ballot already has begun taking shape.

Republican and Democratic primary candidates for offices ranging from U.S. Senate to county councils began filing with the Indiana Secretary of State’s office on Jan. 5. The filing period ends at noon Friday, Feb. 4.

The list of candidates who have filed is updated daily Monday through Friday, and the most recent list is available here.

The May 3 primary will be the first election in which congressional, state legislative and some county offices will be running in districts that were redrawn based upon population counts in the 2020 census.

Any vacancies on the general election ballot — generally because no candidates filed for an office in one of the party primaries — can be filled by party officials. The deadline for filling ballot vacancies is July 5.

In addition, three state offices — secretary of state, auditor and treasurer — will be nominated by party conventions rather than primary voters.

Candidates in school board elections, also on the November general election ballot with some running in newly redrawn districts, can begin filing to run on July 27, and the filing period continues through Aug. 26.

Voter registration is open until April 4. It will resume on May 17. To check on other dates involving voting and elections in Indiana in 2022, a calendar is available here.

Want to register to vote or check on your registration? You can do that here. — The Indiana Citizen

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