When indianacitizen.org became public in late 2019, our mission was clear: To increase voter registration, education and turnout dramatically – dramatically enough that Indiana would begin to improve on its abysmal rank among states on those measures of a healthy democracy.

That mission – stated more broadly, to improve the chronically poor civic health of our state – remains and will continue. But 2021 is not an election year in Indiana, so we’re going to focus on another pillar of our organization and our mission: civic literacy.

As you can see, our look has changed somewhat. With this inaugural edition, The Indiana Citizen has evolved into the first Hoosier nonprofit solely focused on providing impartial news and information on the civic life of Indiana. Collaborating with Franklin College’s TheStatehouseFile.com, our focus in 2021 will be on the Indiana Statehouse as we hold Hoosier elected officials accountable for the way they address issues at the heart of our mission, from the way elections are conducted to how congressional and legislative districts are drawn.

You can still use our One More Voice platform to check on your voter registration. (In fact, we encourage you do that right now.)

And we encourage you to make use of our Officeholder Directory and as well as our  “Who Represents Me” function, entering your address and pulling up impartial, complete information on your elected officials, from the U.S. Senate to city council, updated to include those who emerged successfully from last year’s election.

It’s been said many times in many different ways: Democracies can’t survive if they don’t have an informed citizenry.

With heartfelt thanks to our many supporters, The Indiana Citizen is proud to continue in its mission to ensure that we do.

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